Plant Medicine.

¨Plant medicine¨ or entheogens refers to the use of certain psychoactive plants for transformational or spiritual purpose.

Plant medicine improves neurogenesis: new neurons are created and new neuronal pathways are formed in the brain. We benefit from a strengthening and increased neuroplasticity.

For thousands of years cultures across the planet have used plant medicines to induce transcendent, mystical or non-ordinary sates of consciousness.

These expanded states of consciousness allow individuals to have personal and creative breakthroughs, provide new perspectives and opportunities how we relate to others and to ourselves. And how we interact to and relate with the universe at large.

Plant medicine is a tool to heal deep and profound wounds, experience profound revelations, break addictions and gain a deep sense of meaning and divineness.

These medicines are one of the most powerful and life changing tools available to mankind.

The art of integration is the key to maximize sustained benefits pre-retreat and post-retreat to maintain well-being and high performance