What is Inner-Worlds ?

Inner-Worlds is…

A spiritual plant medicine retreat that brings together individuals and entrepreneurs from all over the world to activate breakthroughs and accelerate personal growth.

A carefully crafted series of experiences designed to show you what is truly possible in our existence as a human being.

An extraordinary transformational event integrating plant medicine with ancient holistic spiritual practices.

A loving environment full with acceptance that re-births powerful individuals and a (re-)connection with thy true-self, others, and nature.


Your inner world is the foundation where you create for a healthy and prosperous life. In this time of major change it is important to nurture your inner worlds, it is connected to your souls´s deepest longings and life´s purpose. Only inside of yourself your inner world exists, it encompasses all of your creative desires, fantasies and dreams. It is connected to everything in the universe and all the experiences you wish to have. It is the place where your find your serenity, where you are grounded and centred within your True-Self. It is your connection to source, your place of power and where you can manage your frequency, energy and vibration which you are receiving and sending out from the universe. This is how we shape and create, with our thoughts, visions, words and actions. When we connect with our inner world we feel fulfilled and whole again.

At Inner worlds you will be initiated into awakening and deep healing practices that have been passed on over thousands of years from the ancient wisdom traditions of the past.

We harmoniously combine ancient and modern day techniques such as plant medicine ceremonies, fasting, breath-work, ecstatic dance, meditation and more, to integrate in order to experience spiritual transformation and profound healing.

We invite you to experience all that your heart desires, journey with us in the unknown and elevate yourself beyond the boundaries where space and time do not exist.

Circles for women and men, ceremonies and group practices are balanced by farm to table local organic meals. Plenty of time to relax, journal, share openly and integrate our profound experiences.

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” –Carl Jung