HEALING POTENTIAL of plant medicine retreats


Plant medicine is not a magic pill that you consume and make you forget and solve all your problems. Solving a problem or heal the physical body, mind and soul do happen. Our retreats guide you from the initial moment, through preparation for the journey into healing and self-love till the Art of integration. And how to apply the wisdom and knowledge gained from such experience into daily life. With clear intentions, sincere commitment and setting goals to work with the knowledge and healing powers from plant medicines.

Do you struggle with yourself? Are you not feeling comfortable with yourself, your relations, in relation with others or yourself, problems at work or other different kind of problems?

Now and then everybody has difficult moments and periods and fortunately they will pass by.

But sometimes the root of these problems are so deep and profound that they occupy your daily life. It becomes part of your personality. As if the every day difficulties and obstacles have a common underlaying origin. Deeply embedded in your subconsciousness.

These origins can be the result of traumatic and unprocessed experiences from the past. Negative thoughts, problematic relations and traumatic experiences when you were a child.

Maybe sometimes you feel already uncertain or anxious without any crystal clear reason. Years are passing by and over the course of many years this can result in mental or physical complaints. Complaints that reinforce each other and becoming bigger problems. Entering a vicious cycle where there seems no shining Light in the Darkness, there seems to be no way out.